RampitUP2011 – Final Update

31 Mar

A video to let you know the progress of our fund-raising campaign. Link here.


Final Week…Help!

26 Mar

Happy Saturday!

I don’t normally post over the weekend, but we are nearing the end of our 30 day goal and I want to extend one more opportunity to our friends near and far.

Today, we are going out with a group of students to knock doors in the community and invite them to our Sunday services. We have already received several promises from individuals that they will be in the service this weekend. We have a special speaker coming in today, practice at 2, outreach at 10, and preparation from 8-10. So why did I break away from that to write this?

Simple. We need you to help us crash the $30,000 barrier with a donation.

I know if you are like most people, you tend to delay doing some things until the last moment. Well, that moment is now. Time is running out.

We have our final church offering tomorrow and I expect an outpouring of generosity from our regular members. That being said, we still have quite a way to go to make our goal.

Today only, I am beefing up the incentive to give.

If you make a donation today, I will send you an advance copy of my upcoming demo CD in April!

Exciting? You better believe it.

Please use the amounts below to guide your giving:

  • $200 – purchase the building permit
  • $100 – pay for a portion of the hand-rail
  • $50 – donate a cubic foot of concrete for the foundation

Click here to make a donation online.

Thank you, again for your gift.



Update 3

16 Mar

Wow! Another week in the bag already and this week we had 7 first time visitors in our service.

Let that one marinate for a moment. (While it’s marinating donate something to help us reach the goal of 30K in 30 days.)

For a church of 200 that would probably be normal, but for a church of 25 or so, that is massive. The key is audacious faith. Believing God for the impossible.

Raising $30,000 in 30 days is also impossible, but with God, all things are possible. He is working with us as we step out and trust Him. Have I already said that? Probably, but around here we repeat the important stuff. It is important to us and important to your walk with God. We’ll get to that part in a bit.

Before we go there, let me share with you two miracles directly related to giving to this fund-drive:

  • A friend of ours gave $100 to aid us in this building project and within 2 weeks was given $300 as a special offering. The pastor said he didn’t know why he wanted to give the offering – but I know! God was paying our friend back with interest.
  • One family stepped out and pledged $1,000 with no clear knowledge of where it would come from. They told us that when they made the pledge. Within one week, God blessed them with double what they had pledged and continues to pour out provision for them. Isn’t that amazing?

I tell you these testimonies because I want to challenge you as you read this post. I have spoken with many people on the phone, via e-mail, Skype, and messenger pigeon. Almost without fail, the conversation has turned to this initiative. There is obvious curiosity, but I think many people hesitate to give because:

  1. Their gift seems small in their eyes.
  2. They still feel there is plenty of time.

Allow me to address these two reasons for pause and challenge your faith for a moment.

Speaking with missionaries both at home and abroad has helped me to see that it is not the one-time large gifts that sustain them. It is the small gift given over time that keeps the mission afloat. This is no different. The $5 and $10 donation will go a long way. Even if you don’t feel like you have a lot of extra, you hold the key to your increase within your hand. What if God would do for you what He did for the two individuals above?

Finally, we only have about one week left to make $25,000. That’s what I call crunch time. Will you help us reach this goal? For your convenience we have created an online giving site here.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Week Two – Online Giving is HERE

8 Mar

What an exciting adventure!

Great Things

It has been great seeing God trouble the waters (Joh 5:4) in St. Charles. It feels like every time we go to church something great has happened.

On Tuesday we went to the church and a vehicle was driving slowly by. The immediate thought was, drive-by. Hit the pavement and crawl back to the car. But it was a man scoping out our church on his way to work. We had the privilege of speaking with him and he expressed an interest in attending our services.

Later in the week our family went to Memphis, TN and preached at an anointed youth conference. We had a blast and got to work on our Spanish speaking skillz.

Dios es bueno, todo el tiempo!

We got back in town on Sunday around 4 am, took a quick nap, then drug our tired carcasses to church. But God showed up again.

A neighboring pastor preached an anointed message about faith, healing and restoration and there were two people in the service who received immediate healing from aches in their bodies. Just in case you haven’t heard – God is a healer.

Then on Monday as we headed to church to work we saw a different vehicle prowling the grounds. What to do? Fight or flight? Neither. It was another man looking for a Pentecostal church in the area. He also promised to come and check out our services.

Long story short, God is hearing your prayers for us and your faith linked with ours is working.

$30,000 Goal

We are swiftly approaching the middle of the month and our fund-raising is going well. We have raised around $1,500 for the ramp project thus far.

On that note, we want to make it easier for you to give. Rather than needing to mail us a check we now have the capacity for you to give online using credit/debit card(s). The secure link is HERE. Select rampitUP2011 under the account field.

Please help us by spreading the word! We thank you for supporting us and praying with us.

God is doing great things.

Day Two

2 Mar

We are off and running with a goal and end in sight.

To everyone who has spread the word about the project here in St. Charles, we offer our gratitude. Please keep telling your friends. Yesterday we had over 250 unique visitors to this website.

Many have joined our prayer team and we feel the strength of your petitions. Some have written checks, others have made pledges. Already we have received pledges for $1000. That’s awesome!

We have about 29 days to go and feel confident we can do this together.

Of course, this week has been a whirlwind. This month is going to just be crazy. Tonight, our family is in Murphysboro, IL for evening service. Tomorrow we go to Memphis, TN for a youth conference.

Who knows what will happen next week?

Oh, I do:

  • New features for this website including online payments
  • More donations
  • More prayers
  • More people affected by the gospel

There have been quite a few inquiries at our church with over 10 people promising to come and visit our services. That means this is working! In case there was any skepticism, please understand this is more than a fund-raiser. This is a way to publicize what God is doing in St. Charles and show God that we are serious about His work. When we work for Him, He works with us. We are on the advance.

Pray for the mission in St. Charles!



Ramp It UP Vlog 1

26 Feb

Join our Prayer Team!

24 Feb

And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. (1 Jn 5:14)

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. (Mat 21:22)

If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.  (Jn 15:7)

Our excitement about what God has planned for The Apostolic Church of St. Charles flows out of prayer. It was in prayer that we began to see what is possible.

Have you ever been there? Looking around at circumstances and beat down. Struggling to see past the evidence but locked in the grip of physical reality? We have. In fact, it was just a few short months ago that we faced what seemed like the end of it all. But God!

It was in a few prayer meetings that God began to wash through our minds with His ideas and plans for our future. It was in prayer that the scriptures above dawned like a sunrise. The darkness rolled back and we saw that ‘all things are possible to him that believes.’

The fight is still on for our faith and vision, but you can help us by agreeing with our church in prayer!

Click Here to join prayer team for the rampitup2011 initiative.