Day Two

2 Mar

We are off and running with a goal and end in sight.

To everyone who has spread the word about the project here in St. Charles, we offer our gratitude. Please keep telling your friends. Yesterday we had over 250 unique visitors to this website.

Many have joined our prayer team and we feel the strength of your petitions. Some have written checks, others have made pledges. Already we have received pledges for $1000. That’s awesome!

We have about 29 days to go and feel confident we can do this together.

Of course, this week has been a whirlwind. This month is going to just be crazy. Tonight, our family is in Murphysboro, IL for evening service. Tomorrow we go to Memphis, TN for a youth conference.

Who knows what will happen next week?

Oh, I do:

  • New features for this website including online payments
  • More donations
  • More prayers
  • More people affected by the gospel

There have been quite a few inquiries at our church with over 10 people promising to come and visit our services. That means this is working! In case there was any skepticism, please understand this is more than a fund-raiser. This is a way to publicize what God is doing in St. Charles and show God that we are serious about His work. When we work for Him, He works with us. We are on the advance.

Pray for the mission in St. Charles!




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