Week Two – Online Giving is HERE

8 Mar

What an exciting adventure!

Great Things

It has been great seeing God trouble the waters (Joh 5:4) in St. Charles. It feels like every time we go to church something great has happened.

On Tuesday we went to the church and a vehicle was driving slowly by. The immediate thought was, drive-by. Hit the pavement and crawl back to the car. But it was a man scoping out our church on his way to work. We had the privilege of speaking with him and he expressed an interest in attending our services.

Later in the week our family went to Memphis, TN and preached at an anointed youth conference. We had a blast and got to work on our Spanish speaking skillz.

Dios es bueno, todo el tiempo!

We got back in town on Sunday around 4 am, took a quick nap, then drug our tired carcasses to church. But God showed up again.

A neighboring pastor preached an anointed message about faith, healing and restoration and there were two people in the service who received immediate healing from aches in their bodies. Just in case you haven’t heard – God is a healer.

Then on Monday as we headed to church to work we saw a different vehicle prowling the grounds. What to do? Fight or flight? Neither. It was another man looking for a Pentecostal church in the area. He also promised to come and check out our services.

Long story short, God is hearing your prayers for us and your faith linked with ours is working.

$30,000 Goal

We are swiftly approaching the middle of the month and our fund-raising is going well. We have raised around $1,500 for the ramp project thus far.

On that note, we want to make it easier for you to give. Rather than needing to mail us a check we now have the capacity for you to give online using credit/debit card(s). The secure link is HERE. Select rampitUP2011 under the account field.

Please help us by spreading the word! We thank you for supporting us and praying with us.

God is doing great things.


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