The Project

The church building we use for services has two major problems: access and aesthetics.

The steps in front of the building are unevenly spaced and steep, which is a major impediment to our disabled and senior members. It is also a safety risk to the children who attend.

In addition, the building is a historic site but does not seem to add decorative beauty to the downtown area. To address these issues, we contracted with Michael Dixon who drew up plans for a handicap ramp. The plan grants accessibility and adds elegance.

Of course this kind of remodeling is costly.

The current total for this project is $62, 545. Our congregation is comprised of 23 people with limited finance, but on March 1 we launched this fund-raising initiative. We plan to raise $30,000 for the handicap ramp project.

We aim to begin construction in April of this year.

Click on the pdf’s to the right for a look at the project design.  —->


One Response to “The Project”

  1. Marco Mejia April 1, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Good Work Brother,


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