Final Week…Help!

26 Mar

Happy Saturday!

I don’t normally post over the weekend, but we are nearing the end of our 30 day goal and I want to extend one more opportunity to our friends near and far.

Today, we are going out with a group of students to knock doors in the community and invite them to our Sunday services. We have already received several promises from individuals that they will be in the service this weekend. We have a special speaker coming in today, practice at 2, outreach at 10, and preparation from 8-10. So why did I break away from that to write this?

Simple. We need you to help us crash the $30,000 barrier with a donation.

I know if you are like most people, you tend to delay doing some things until the last moment. Well, that moment is now. Time is running out.

We have our final church offering tomorrow and I expect an outpouring of generosity from our regular members. That being said, we still have quite a way to go to make our goal.

Today only, I am beefing up the incentive to give.

If you make a donation today, I will send you an advance copy of my upcoming demo CD in April!

Exciting? You better believe it.

Please use the amounts below to guide your giving:

  • $200 – purchase the building permit
  • $100 – pay for a portion of the hand-rail
  • $50 – donate a cubic foot of concrete for the foundation

Click here to make a donation online.

Thank you, again for your gift.




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